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Whether you plan on railing GS turns on rock hard east coast groomers or ripping edge to edge turns down high angle steeps in boot high blower, the K2 iKonic 85 Ti Skis + MXC 12 Bindings are the skis for you. This all-mountain ambassador boasts a titanal metal laminate along with a snappy wood core that will shoot you from rail to rail with unparalleled power and stability. Excelling on all forms of hard-pack, All-Terrain Rocker allows this ski to also crush through corn, crud and chop without checking speed. For full-fledged shredage and pedal-to-the-metal performance, take the K2 iKonic 85 Ti Skis + MXC 12 Bindings for a spin.

K2 Ikonic 85 ti

Price per day: $39.00

When choosing dates you can pick up the day before, after 2pm
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