Product Description

The Luv Sick by K2 has a Titanium base construction. This ski has been well conceived and designed. It has an 80mm waist and is super easy piste ski that also provides great carving. It doesn’t vibrate and loves hard snow, bites like a croc. Yet, it is limited by its speed, the tip tends to vibrate. It is said to be for women skiers who want to progress everywhere.

In deep snow it isn’t wide enough and so floatability is limited. The Luv Sick is a ski that will do practically everything, easy and efficiently. The graphics should please most – and the manufacturing quality is K2 class. The initiation into the turn is smooth and the same out the other side, and it grips well on hard snow. We loved this ski on th episte, not so much off-piste because it’s limited. It isn’t a very jumpy ski on the whole but it’s a great ski for someone who is looking for a versatile product, leaning towards the piste. One more point: the Luv Sick is great in bumps.

K2 LUV sick 80ti 2017

Price per day: $39.00

When choosing dates you can pick up the day before, after 2pm
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